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Preparing for Fall

Now that summer is over, seniors across Oklahoma City are welcoming the cooler weather and anticipating the best holidays of the year coming up. For family, it is a busy time of year with the kids going back to school and life getting back to all the regular commitments. And for those in retirement, fall can come with a touch of excitement and anticipation. Here’s how you can help your loved one embrace the season and all it has to offer.

Community events. If your senior lives in an assisted living or nursing home, encourage your senior to participate in daily activities and events. These activities are often theme based and correspond to the current season. Understanding the time of year and participating in seasonally appropriate events can be a source of comfort to the elderly. The hot apple cider, pumpkin pie and fall decorations surrounding them will bring back memories from years past. A senior living community can help provide a warm atmosphere for them to engage socially with their neighbors and friends.

Some fall touches. Does your loved one live in a senior apartment? Or perhaps they are part of a memory care program and require some extra assistance. It’s fun to help add some touches of the season to their home. You can bring some small pumpkins, a fall bouquet or a seasonally scented candle next time you visit to help decorate. Depending on their care setting, you may want to bring your senior something small yet meaningful that does not require much maintenance. Look for a fall bouquet that is designed to last for a long time and requires little care. A bouquet can be simple yet gives instant seasonal atmosphere.

Seasonal treats

Tasting the season is always welcome! Next time you make pumpkin bars or cranberry muffins, be sure to make a few extra to bring for your senior. Home baked food, especially just the way they like it, will be sure to warm their heart! It’s also getting cooler out so some hot drinks may a welcome gift. A spiced tea or hot cocoa gift set may be just the thing. Plan to spend a little time together, perhaps for an afternoon tea!

Keeping warm. Is your loved one prepared for the cooler weather? Seniors may have different needs each year. Their clothing may not fit as well this year due to weight changes, or their favorite blanket may need an update. Or perhaps your senior is stylish and has some ideas for some wardrobe changes. It may be fun to plan a little shopping trip outing together this fall. Ask them if they have a favorite store, and make sure that walking distances around shops are approximate for their ability. If shopping is no longer possible for your senior, you can help them browse the internet or bring some magazines for them to look over. It’s always good to be prepared with cozy blankets, slippers, jackets, mittens and hats! They’ll be happy for a little help and it will give you the opportunity to spend some time with them.

Staying in touch. Especially for those in supportive care who can no longer get out and about much, it’s important to stay connected with their family and friends. You can help them appreciate the exciting family events this year by sending plenty of pictures and updates. The kid’s first day back to school. The family picture out in the pumpkin patch. Try to capture the season to help them experience it even if it is only from a distance. You can also let them know of exciting events coming up and promise you’ll be sending them updates! The anticipation will give them something to look forward to and make them feel remembered and loved.

Share the excitement and warmth of the season with your loved one! We hope you have a memorable fall season with your senior this year.

4 responses to “Preparing for Fall

  1. Great reminders. It’s an enjoyable challenge to find low cost ways to participate in the changing seasons, especially in an assisted living setting. Community events are a great way. My other favorite nurturing autumn activity is walking. Thanks for the article.

  2. My favorite part of fall is apple cider. But this AARP article inspires me to try a different kind of apple cider this fall 🙂 Also, driving outside of Oklahoma City to see the fall leaves with the help of a senior friend always completes the season! Keep the tips coming!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment, Brenda! We are so happy you found our article helpful. Keep enjoying the season!

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