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Inspiring Books for the Fall

There’s something about falling rain or snow, a cozy blanket and a good book. Fall is the best season to stock up on a few good books or other reading material, especially here in Oklahoma City where the days and evenings can get too chilly to be out and about much. Books also make great gift options! Plan a visit with your senior and encourage them to keep some books on hand this season. Here are some ideas to help you get your loved one set up with enough books to last them through the winter months.

Community libraries. Some assisted living or nursing homes may offer their residents a community library or book exchange program. See if your loved one’s community has a library and encourage them to make some visits. If your senior needs some extra help, you can plan a little visit to help give them some inspiration or suggestions as you browse the books together. Some communities also offer book clubs or reading activities. Check the events and activities calendar to see what’s on the agenda especially for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia in a Memory Care program.

Book Lists. If your senior would like to put together their own little library this year, you can help them find some great titles from current book lists such as the New York Times Bestsellers. Print some lists for them or send them in an email so they can easily browse and mark which books sound interesting.

Local Book Stores

If your senior is still active, you might suggest a little outing to a local bookstore together. Stores such as Barnes and Noble offers a wide selection of books and often provide a welcoming café or coffee shop for wonderful refreshment breaks. You and your loved one might also find a used bookstore with older or more unusual titles inspiring.  A little outing to share the love of books can be a wonderful way to spend time with your loved one. Beat the Christmas shopping rush and plan your trip sooner than later!

Gifts. Books make great Christmas or birthday gifts. Next time you visit your loved one in their assisted living community home you can get a feel for what reading material might be best for them. If books are a little too much, a magazine centered around their interests might be a fun alternative. And for those in memory care, you can touch base with caregivers and see if an activity or coloring book would be appropriate and helpful. Reading accessories such as a beautiful bookmarker or a small bookcase would also make a great gift!

Types of books. Some seniors have vision deficits and may prefer or require audio books. You can help your senior get set up with a subscription to audio books on Audible or check to see which titles are offered in this format at your local library. Other seniors may struggle with hearing and prefer traditional books. A Kindle reading device might also offer your senior easy access to a wide selection of books. These devices can help them keep all their books organized, provide less clutter and give them background light on a screen to help with vision. But for many, nothing replaces the joy of a traditional book to read. You’ll just have to see what your senior would enjoy the most!

Helping your senior collect a few new books or other reading material for the fall and winter months can be fun for both of you and help set them up for hours of enjoyment as they sip some tea or hot cocoa. It doesn’t take much effort. Check in with your senior and their caregivers for ideas and add a few good books to your Christmas shopping list. Your loved one will feel appreciated and remembered!

2 responses to “Inspiring Books for the Fall

  1. Books are my love language. I give my a book to my senior every holiday of the year. She is a voracious reader and I get books from my book club in Oklahoma City and after I read them I share them with her! She is delighted and all her neighbors always guess what I’m going to give her! What a nurturing community. <3

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