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Nursing Care at Sommerset with Beverly

Beverly is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and is our Charge Nurse at Sommerset Neighborhood in Oklahoma City. She shares an office with the director of nursing, but she spends most of her day on the go, helping and visiting seniors all around Sommerset Neighborhood! In a day, she walks from one end of the building to the other, visiting progressive care, memory care, and the assisted living side– she gets her steps in, and she loves it!

Beverly is the first line of the defense when it comes to anything health related. She helps seniors in the community with wound care, administering insulin injections and breathing treatments (including inhalers), and much more.

Working Together

All of our health practitioners collaborate together: nursing staff, therapists, Advanced Certified Medication Administrators (ACMAs), etc. If another staff member sees a senior isn’t feeling well, they’ll call Beverly in, and she will evaluate the situation. She makes room visits and goes wherever the resident is located. Once complete, she calls the doctor if necessary. We have physicians, both geriatric and podiatry, and also a nurse practitioner who visit regularly, and Beverly accompanies them.

While Beverly is assisting residents, they’ll spend time talking about how it was back in the day, and she listens to them.  “I love to hear their stories, I enjoy them, it’s very interesting.” 

In the past, Beverly worked at a nursing home in Oklahoma. Before that, she spent 20 years working for a geriatrician. After sitting behind a desk for 20 years, Beverly says she loves being at Sommerset Neighborhood where she can be active and work one-on-one with residents.

We at Sommerset Neighborhood are so proud of our highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who not only make sure that our seniors get all their medical needs met, but also see our residents as family. We are so grateful for essential workers.

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