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How Assistance Care Can Change a Loved One’s Life

Judy had been living with her daughter in Oklahoma City and maintaining an active and independent life. But her daughter started to notice that her mother wasn’t drinking enough water and seemed to be forgetting certain things. She worried her mother might also be forgetting to take her medication or change her clothes. This process of slowly becoming more dependent on others meant that she wasn’t quite ready for Memory Care (Level 4) yet, but that General Care (Level 1) wasn’t rigorous enough for her mother. The daughter sought rather a level of care that could help Judy maintain a higher degree of independence while being available to her and assisting her as needed and thus looked into Assistance Care (Level 2). Here are some of the factors her daughter considered in this choice.

Personal Assistance

Personalized assistance with dressing, grooming, and personal hygiene, including scheduled weekly showers can make a big difference in a senior’s quality of life. Some loved ones may only need someone to remind them to dress themselves or help them pick out clothes, while others may need supportive care to dress. Assistance Care provides that option as needed.

Medication Administration

Ensuring that a senior is taking their medication is essential to health and quality of life. Assistance Care provides set times for medication administration and requires monitoring of vital signs and weight and anything else that might need to be supervised. Hydration is also a crucial part of General Care (Level 1), which is also included in Assistance Care.

In Need of Direction or Reminders

For a senior that has occasional forgetfulness, there can be a need for reminders to participate in daily activities. Whether that be basic needs such as meals and hydration, or the many social, educational, physical, or recreational activities that an assisted living community provides. Assistance Care helps by offering guidance and direction to a loved one when they need it, even if needed to be reminded of where they are, who they are, or even what time it is.

Specialized Diet

Some seniors require a certain type of diet because of diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, allergies, or a host of other health reasons. Assistance Care provides not only the necessary diet but also all the food at all care levels is delicious and fresh, with experienced dieticians planning meals.

Assistance With Walking

Movement is imperative to maintaining the health and mobility of someone in senior living. If a senior is able to be independent in a wheelchair but needs a hand with ambulating, Assistance Care is the appropriate match. This level of care will be sure to be the appropriate match.

As seniors navigate their final years, supportive care services can help your loved one deal with life changes and help maintain their independence while getting the care they need. Assistance Care is for a specific life stage and can be a great resource to your family member. You don’t have to go through this alone. Finding the proper tools and a caring team of professionals in an assisted living community and nursing home environment who are experienced with aging can provide you with real solutions. Find out what local resources are available to you and schedule a tour to find out what level of care your loved one needs today.

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