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Embracing Spring

As we enter the month of May, spring is in full swing in Oklahoma City, bringing with it vibrant flowers, the sweet melodies of singing birds, and a warmer climate. This time of year can be particularly invigorating for many seniors, as they are reminded of memories associated with the upcoming warm and sunny months, such as family vacations, backyard BBQs, and reunions. If you have a loved one residing in an assisted living or nursing home, it’s important to take the time to reach out and help them embrace the renewed sense of hope and optimism that spring brings every year. By doing so, you can help them feel more connected, engaged and uplifted. Here are some ways you can bring some color and sunshine into their life this season.

A bright bouquet of spring. Spring flowers offer a vibrant array of colors, ranging from bright yellows and pinks to shades of red, orange, and pink. Brighten up your loved one’s day by surprising them with a cheerful flower basket filled with colorful tulips or daffodils. Watching the flowers bloom and caring for them daily can be a great way for seniors to bring the joys of the season indoors, particularly if they spend most of their time inside. Even if the weather remains cool, the pop of color and scent of spring flowers can do wonders in lifting one’s spirits. If mobility is a concern, a manageable bouquet of bright pink tulips in a vase can also bring a cheerful touch of spring to their living space.

Warm sunshine

Although your loved one may enjoy a comfortable life within their senior living home, it’s important to ensure they have the opportunity to experience the natural changes that come with the season. Consider planning a visit and encourage them to take a short walk outdoors. If mobility is a concern, make sure to bring an extra blanket and choose a wheelchair-accessible location. Feeling the gentle warmth of the sun, the breeze, and admiring the colorful spring flowers can provide a sense of comfort and well-being. Additionally, spending time together can be a great bonding experience. Many assisted living communities offer walking paths or outdoor areas for residents to enjoy. Alternatively, you may wish to plan a short outing to a nearby park or garden if your loved one is up for a longer day trip.

A splash of color. Bring a little bit of color and cheer to your next visit by gifting your loved one with some vibrant and colorful items. A light pink jacket, a pair of light pajamas, or a bright and cozy blanket to take outdoors can help to lift grandma’s spirits. For grandpa, consider a new hat filled with colorful Easter eggs or a new coffee mug. By adding just a few splashes of color to their home, you can help remind them that spring is here! For those residing in Memory Care and dealing with Alzheimer’s or memory impairment, it’s important to touch base with their caregivers and find out what items would be beneficial for them. A brightly colored spring-themed puzzle or book can offer both a fun and helpful activity.

As May arrives, it’s a great time to look ahead and anticipate all the good things the coming months have to offer here at Sommerset Neighborhood. Families are often busy with end-of-school-year preparations, making summer plans, and engaging in outdoor activities. Make sure to share the joy of this season with your senior loved ones this year by telling them about your plans, activities, and sending lots of pictures. Adding some colorful and cheerful elements to their daily lives can brighten their day and bring a sense of happiness.

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