Daily Archives: March 19, 2020

3/19/2020 – An update from Jessica Guillory, Executive Director, regarding Covid-19 restrictions:

We are making our best effort to contact all resident responsible parties by telephone to communicate this information. Please share with all friends and family of our residents. This will help us focus on keeping our residents safe and cared for during this difficult time.

I absolutely recognize how impactful it is to be restricted from visiting with your loved ones, and I am so sorry that all of us are experiencing these restrictions, but my priority is to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 infecting residents and those taking care of them: our staff.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), LeadingAge OK, Oklahoma Assisted Living Association, our Governor, and our health department all agree that visitors be restricted. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has MANDATED that visitors be barred from Nursing Homes. I have a report today that a resident in an Oklahoma assisted living facility has died from Covid-19. Most, if not all assisted living facilities have banned all but essential visitors.

Today, after much discussion and strategy with my team, we have decided to ban visitation of residents at Sommerset. We will be changing (temporarily) the entrance code to restrict visitors. Any visitors who have demonstrated to me that a resident will suffer emotional or mental distress from lack of visitors, or those visiting for end of life/compassionate visitation will be required to ring our door bell for entrance and screening. If we are not available to answer the door immediately, please call the cell phone listed at the door and wait for staff to assist you with screening.  For the protection of residents and our staff, we will escort any visitor to the resident’s room, request that you stay there for the duration of your visit, and please pull the resident’s call light for escort out of the building. We want to be sure that any visitor does not interact with any other resident and keeps appropriate distance from staff. Any guest requesting end of life or emotional distress visits be cleared by the Executive Director in advance to discuss Covid-19, how to prevent transmission, and our protocols for visits.

Please remember that our motivation is only to protect our residents (your loved ones), and the staff providing their care.

3/19/2020 – A Message from Oklahoma State Department of Health

But I’m Not Even Sick!

If you’re experiencing mild symptoms that feel like a typical common cold, or you don’t even have symptoms at all, it’s probably hard to understand the importance of staying home. We understand and want to stress that this is not about YOU.

It is about your grandparents.

It is about your aunt with high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

It is about the volunteers in the nursery at your place of worship.

It is about the hourly workers still making your coffee.

It is about the healthcare workers who continue to put themselves in harm’s way.

We are asking all of our Oklahomans to be good neighbors.

  • Limit your time out and about in the community to just the essentials.
  • Observe social distancing guidelines. If you are waiting in line to pick up necessities at the grocery store, or need to pay for gas at the gas station, keep your distance from the next person in line, or ask the person behind you to take a few steps back if you need to.
  • Practice good personal hygiene. Any time you interact with members outside of your own household, remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you return home.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Are you in a crowded room with elderly? Is it hard to walk in between people to get to the counter? If you or someone you love is at higher risk, remove yourself from that situation.

While data continues to become available to help medical experts understand how COVID-19 is being spread, we know our best weapon is personal responsibility. Let’s make future generations proud of how we worked together to mitigate a public health crisis. Let’s serve as leaders in responding with empathy, compassion and respect for our neighbors.