3/13/2020 – A letter to residents and families from Jessica Guillory, Executive Director, regarding COVID-19

A message from Jessica Guillory, Executive Director, regarding Covid-19:

Dear Sommerset Neighborhood residents, families, and friends,

Upon receipt of this message, each resident’s responsible person has likely received a telephone communication from our receptionist on my behalf. I want to follow-up that initial contact with more detail about the steps we are taking to mitigate the risk for Covid-19. We take the wellness of our residents and staff very seriously and will keep informed of the latest information from the CDC, LeadingAge, Oklahoma Assisted Living Association, and other relevant resources. With new information constantly coming in, our plans will be fluid, so please be patient with changes in the plan. At this time, we will not be implementing a complete “lock down”.  A most effective way to prevent introduction of this virus into our community is to control the number of guests, and to screen those who do visit. If at all possible, please do not visit. If you do visit, please cooperate with our visitor screening. I also suggest that residents not leave our community, but if they choose to, be very careful while out. Keep the recommended social distance from others, stay away from others who are ill, minimize time out, and stay away from large groups. Very important….Keep calm, wash your hands. If you are ill, STAY AWAY.

These are some of the steps we have implemented:

  1. Staff have received in-service training specific to Covid-19, prevention, and handwashing. Staff will continue to receive in-service training and will be updated as soon as possible after new information is received or our processes are updated
  2. There are notices on all entrances with brief information about Covid-19 and general infection control. There are folders inside each entrance with basic Covid-19 information
  3. We are communicating regularly with our Corporate office to discuss strategies
  4. We are having regular, at least four days/week, director meetings to discuss new information, any needed changes to our strategy, staff and resident well-being updates
  5. We have implemented enhanced and frequent sanitization of door handles, internal and external, hand rails, public restrooms, and frequently touched surfaces
  6. We have a supply of personal protective equipment to include gloves, gowns, general use face masks, and N 95 masks
  7. We have a supply of disposable dishware
  8. Our kitchen has enhanced the cleaning of surfaces and dishware beyond the standard regulations
  9. Larger groups who provide entertainment have been canceled. We will continue to have single, screened outside entertainers and activities provided by our staff. There may be fewer activities offered due to our efforts to manage our Covid-19 strategy
  10. Although we discourage visitors, we will not prohibit visitors who meet our screening criteria at this time. If we determine that it is necessary, we will prohibit visitors at a later date. ALL visitors, staff, hospice, home health, vendors, agency staffing, and any other guests will be screened upon entry. We ask that each person visiting our community to sanitize hands on entry and exit. Hand sanitizer stations have been installed. Screening will include questions such as: Have you been coughing, had a sore throat, been short of breath, traveled outside of Oklahoma in the last 30 days. We will check your temperature and document it, and ask for a signature. If any guest flags as a “risk”, a nurse will be contacted for further discussion prior to allowing entrance. Please remember, although this is inconvenient, we are trying to protect our residents and staff
  11. No staff member, outside provider, or agency staff member will be allowed to work if our screening indicates a risk for Covid-19 transmission
  12. Please check the CDC website regularly for guidance:  www.CDC.gov